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Once advertising has been launched, the subsequent next step in your brand health program is tracking in-market performance (this is typically completed in conjunction with sales tracking). We’ll tell you whether or not the campaign is working – and WHY. This can be done at whatever strategic interval you specify. We recommend that tracking be done among consumers to whom your marketing activity is targeted. Every campaign has a unique, creative strategy and varying objectives. Our seasoned analysts will design a survey instrument that gets to the heart of the questions you want answered:

Most importantly, we’ll tell you how the ad campaign is contributing to consumers’ overall relationship with the brand over time and the consequent impact on future purchase behavior.

- “Are consumers remembering the ad?”

- “Does your brand get credit for this ad?”

- “What elements do they recall most strongly?”

- “Do consumers find the message relevant?”

- “What actions have been/are likely to be taken upon seeing the ad?”

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