Cooper Roberts Research has been conducting studies in countries outside the U.S. and English speaking Canada since July 2002. Today, multi-country studies account for about 40% of our work. This includes work in most Western European countries, Asia, South America and Canada (including French-speaking Quebec).


We select the data collection method that is most appropriate for each study and each country, which frequently translates to using mixed methodologies across countries. In our international work, we commonly use in-home, hall test, telephone, and Internet methods for data collection. While the availability of online research panels outside the U.S. remains well below the level found within the U.S., thanks to the aggressive work of many of our partners, international Internet panels continue to grow at a rapid pace.


We partner with in-country specialists for design assistance, translation, data collection, and to better understand the nuances of working in specific countries.


Some examples of multi-country studies we have completed are concept tests, central location product evaluations, in-home-use tests, tracking studies, attitude and usage studies, and Discrete Choice modeling.

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