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Knowing your consumer – their similarities and differences, how they group together, and what drives them – is critical to developing a marketing program that will gain and retain profitable customers. We go beyond technical expertise and leading edge software, bringing experience, judgment, and category knowledge that will shed light on the segmentation solution that best meets your business objectives. We understand that a “one-size-fits-all” approach is ineffective. That’s why, with a clear understanding of your business goals, we’ll recommend a design and analytical approach that fits your product and category. Whether segmenting based on product, psychographic, behavioral, demographic, or socioeconomic parameters makes the most sense, we’ll identify the target segments making up your category. Once identified, we’ll provide a clear picture of these segments – e.g. media habits, shopping habits, detailed demographic profiles – so you can effectively communicate with them. Consequently, you’ll gain insights into marketing opportunities such as new or underserved segments.  We’ll also complement these findings with rigorous statistical analysis to ensure that these segments are reliable, discriminating, and valid.


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